Anghel Damian și Theo Rose, bătaie în public? Anghel s-a împotrivit despărțirii și Theo a părăsit locul în mașină, în ciuda stării de graviditate de 8 luni.

Theo Rose and Anghel Damian, a fight in the middle of the street? The artist rejected her boyfriend and got behind the wheel, although she is eight months pregnant. On Saturday, CANCAN.RO met the two in the north of the capital, after they had a meal at Dani Otil’s restaurant. They left the place separately. First, the artist left, followed by her partner. He tried to take his girlfriend in his arms, but she rejected him. Anghel Damian was clearly upset by Theo Rose’s gesture and, as a result, refused to drive. He left his pregnant girlfriend to drive instead. Possibly, last week’s episode, when the actor walked the former girlfriend’s dog in front of her, left a mark on their relationship.

Theo Rose kept her illness hidden for many years. The artist suffered from anxiety and every time she had to get on stage, she felt sick with fear. Theo Rose faced anxiety in adolescence, an illness that marked her existence. The artist admitted that she went through a long process of acceptance and healing, that made her understand that she is not alone and that her loved ones are close to her.

„It started when a button was pressed. That button appeared in childhood, when this girl, Theodora, with her good and bad sides, was being constructed. The button is one of panic, and that is just what it generates when I relive that fear. At a point in life, three years ago, I felt left out, misunderstood, and abandoned. I didn’t know where to turn, and I hadn’t even hit a good patch with a project that constantly pressed the button, so my mind created situations much worse than they actually were. Anxiety is not something to play with! I am not completely healed. I still have episodes, but much milder, which I know how to treat now. I let them exist and monitor everything carefully to understand what they want to communicate to me,” said Theo Rose.

Theo Rose had an exceptional photo session in the last trimester of her pregnancy. The 25-year-old artist and future mom took part in a photo shoot, of course, with her baby bump visible. The singer wanted to fondly remember this unique experience in her life, so she photographed herself in outfits that revealed her pregnant belly, just before reaching full term. In June, Theo Rose will give birth to her first child, the result of the love between her and her partner, Anghel Damian. Despite her latest appearance being worthy of a magazine cover, Theo Rose admitted that the pregnancy period was far from elegant, as many mothers know best. The artist also spoke about the less „shiny” aspects of pregnancy that she experienced.

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