Boala lui Theo Rose a fost ținută ascunsă! Nu a fost dezvăluită natura exactă a suferinței artistei: „Nu m-am recuperat complet. Îmi retraiesc constant frica.”

Theo Rose has kept her illness hidden for many years. The artist has suffered from anxiety and every time she had to go on stage, she became sick with fear.

Theo Rose struggled with anxiety during adolescence, an illness that marked her existence. The artist confessed that she went through a long process of acceptance and healing, which made her understand that she is not alone and that her loved ones are close to her.

„It started in the moment when a button was pushed. That button appeared in childhood, when this girl, Theodora, with good and bad, was being built. The button is a panic button and this is what it generates when I relive that fear. At a point in life, three years ago, I felt left out, misunderstood, and abandoned. I didn’t know where to go and I hadn’t hit the right project, one that constantly presses the button, so my mind created situations much worse than they actually were. Anxiety is a problem that you can’t play with! I’m not completely healed. I still have episodes, but much milder ones, that I know how to handle now. I let them exist and I watch everything carefully to understand what they want to tell me,” the singer said in an interview with Viva!.

Later, due to the busy and extremely demanding periods in terms of work, stress and anxiety episodes returned, and she had isolated herself from others.

„I was unsure about myself. I didn’t know which way to go. I’ve never felt like running away from people in my life. I vomited before every concert. I was afraid of any TV appearance, any concert. I couldn’t control myself effectively; I was afraid to sing on stage. I went from doctor to doctor. I went to a general practitioner, explained the situation briefly and said that I think I’m losing my mind,” Theo Rose also confessed some time ago on social media.

Theo Rose, exceptional photo shoot in the last trimester of pregnancy. The 25-year-old singer and expectant mother took part in a photo shoot, how else, with her baby bump showing.

The singer wanted to fondly remember this unique experience in her life, so she was photographed in some outfits that revealed her pregnant belly, a little before the due date.

In June, Theo Rose will give birth to her first child, the fruit of the love between her and her partner, Anghel Damian. Although her latest appearance is worthy of the cover of a magazine, Theo Rose admitted that the pregnancy period was far from elegant, as many mothers know best.

The artist also talked about the less „shining” aspects of pregnancy, which she also experienced.

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