Theo Rose’s relationship is on the rocks! The artist rejects Anghel Damian: „She doesn’t want him around anymore.”

Theo Rose and Anghel Damian were caught by CANCAN.RO while arguing on the street. It seems that the artist is upset with her boyfriend after an episode with his ex. Alina Petre, an emotional coach, recently commented on the basis of the images captured by CANCAN.RO, in which Theo Rose and her boyfriend appear in a moment of tension, with her refusing hugs from her partner.

„Unfortunately, it is an aggressive behavior that comes from a lack of communication between the two. There is a very big lack of communication, but we can see very clearly that she is upset, and here we can say that the pregnancy hormones come into play, which change our behavior, and we become more aggressive if we enter the state of a mother, a lioness, who defends her cub. But on the other hand, it’s not the behavior of a lioness, but the behavior of a wounded lioness,” explained Alina Petre, emotional coach, in Cristi Brancu’s show.

Someone hurt Theo Rose deeply, and it’s probably her life partner. There is a frustration, an aggressiveness, and she doesn’t want him near her. This is what I see from her body language. When someone doesn’t want you in a certain situation, it’s best not to insist, because the reaction will be more and more aggressive. This is how she manifests herself, and she probably has her well-founded reasons, apart from the hormonal ones,” said the specialist.

Theo Rose rejected Anghel Damian

CANCAN.RO met the couple in the northern area of the capital, after they had dinner at Dani Oțil’s restaurant. They left the place separately. The artist was the first to leave, followed by her partner. He tried to take her in his arms from a distance. However, she rejected him! Anghel Damian was clearly upset with Theo Rose’s gesture. Therefore, he refused to drive and left his pregnant girlfriend of eight months to drive. Last week’s episode, when the actor walked his ex-girlfriend’s dog in front of Theo Rose, may have left traces in their relationship.

Theo Rose’s hidden illness

Theo Rose kept her illness hidden for many years. The artist suffered from anxiety, and every time she had to go on stage, she got scared and felt ill.

Theo Rose faced anxiety in adolescence, an illness that marked her existence. The artist confessed that she went through a long process of acceptance and healing, which made her understand that she was not alone and that her loved ones were close to her.

„It all started when a button was pushed. That button appeared in childhood when Theodora was being constructed, with both good and bad. The button is a panic button and that’s exactly what it generates when I relive that fear. At one point in life, three years ago, I felt left out, misunderstood and abandoned. I didn’t know which way to turn, and I hadn’t even found myself in a project that constantly pushed the button, so my mind created situations much worse than they actually were. Anxiety is a problem that you can’t play with! I am not completely healed. I still have episodes, but much milder ones that I know how to treat now. I let them exist and pay attention to everything, so I can understand what they are trying to tell me,” said the artist.

Theo Rose: Photo session in the last trimester of pregnancy

Theo Rose participated in a photo session with her big belly on display. The singer wanted to remember this unique experience in her life, and so she took some pictures in outfits that revealed her pregnant belly, just a little bit before her due date. In June, Theo Rose will give birth to her first child, the product of her love with her partner, Anghel Damian. Although her recent appearance is worthy of a magazine cover, Theo Rose admitted that the pregnancy period was far from elegant, as many mothers know best. The artist also talked about the less „shiny” aspects of pregnancy that she experienced.

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