Connect-R a dezvăluit detalii despre separarea sa de Misha! Motivul pentru care nu are o relație nouă este legat de o trădare.

Connect-R, the famous Romanian artist, has recently released a book titled „Din Livada cu nuci” (Translated to „From the Walnut Orchard”), published by Editura Timpul, where he reveals intimate details about his past struggles with drugs, sex, violence, depression, divorce, and suffering. However, it is the chapter about his divorce from his beautiful ex-wife, Misha, that has caught the attention of the public.

The artist shares that the divorce happened because he and his ex-wife were no longer synchronized. His lack of discipline had become a significant issue, but he compensated for it by paying someone to do housekeeping for him. Connect-R confesses to having cheated on Misha multiple times, and this was the main reason why she could not forgive him and decided to end the relationship.

Connect-R admits that he was a different person back then, whereas now, he is stable and has grown reformed. He is no longer engaging in drinking, drug use, or cheating. However, Misha still has not fully healed from all the past traumas, and thus, she is not willing to get back together.

The former couple still goes on vacations together, for the sake of their daughter, Maya. The artist, however, is firm on not looking for another relationship until Misha decides to start a new one herself. He believes that if they are meant to be together again, it will happen naturally.

Overall, Connect-R’s book is an emotional masterpiece that takes readers on a journey through his life. It is a must-read for those who are interested in understanding the human condition and the complexities of relationships.

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