Se pare că Iulia Vântur și Salman Khan s-au despărțit. Cu un ton trist, vedeta a transmis: „Atunci când nu mai depui eforturi, o relație se termină”.

Iulia Vântur, a well-known Romanian singer and TV personality, has recently posted a message on a social media platform that left many of her fans shocked. In the message, she stated that relationships end when one party stops making an effort, and that she is now left with only those people who care about her. Although she did not mention any names, some fans speculated that this was a sign that her relationship with Indian film star Salman Khan had come to an end.

After moving to India, Iulia Vântur has pursued a career in both cinema and music, but it is her singing that has brought her the most success, with a current estimated net worth of around €10 million. Salman Khan has played a significant role in her career, helping her to gain exposure and opportunities, and it is said that he has been instrumental in convincing her to stay in India rather than return to Romania.

While there have been rumors of a romantic relationship between Iulia and Salman for some time, the two have never confirmed anything publicly. However, there have been reports that Iulia has expressed a desire to start a family with Salman, though they have not yet tied the knot.

Despite pressure from family members to get married, Iulia has said that she believes it is more important for two people to be happy together than to be married simply for the sake of it. She has also mentioned her desire to become a mother someday.

Overall, although the status of Iulia Vântur’s relationship with Salman Khan remains unknown, it is clear that she has found success and fulfillment in her professional life in India.