Victor Vrînceanu face dezvăluiri! Ce declară despre despărțirea de Andreea Antonescu: „A fost insuportabil”

Andreea Antonescu, a well-known Romanian artist, has recently announced her split from journalist Victor Vrînceanu on Instagram. Following this announcement, Victor has broken his silence and given an exclusive interview to CANCAN.RO.

Victor is known for being extremely private about his personal life, and he has not given any interviews or made any posts online since the split. However, he has now spoken out to set the record straight on what really happened between him and Andreea Antonescu.

When asked how he is feeling after the breakup, Victor stated that he is doing well and is focused on taking care of their daughter, Victoria, as well as his own personal projects.

He also revealed that the breakup was a mutual decision, reached after a mature and thoughtful discussion. There were certain disagreements on both sides, but they ultimately decided that it was best to separate due to a mismatch in their personalities that could have been detrimental in the long run. Andreea Antonescu posted on Instagram the morning after they had their discussion, but Victor was not aware of her post until later.

In a separate piece of news, Andreea Antonescu has shared the first photo of her second daughter, whom she gave birth to in December of last year at the age of 40. The artist named her baby girl Venice Victoria and explained that she was waiting for the opportunity to pose for the cover of a magazine with her daughter.

Andreea expressed her joy in posing for the cover of Viva! magazine with her newborn daughter, and took the chance to reveal her daughter’s name and face on Instagram. She admitted that she had kept her daughter out of the public eye until she had a special reason to show her off. She also expressed her regret that she was not able to include both of her daughters in the photoshoot as her elder daughter, Sienna, is studying in America.

Overall, it seems that both Andreea Antonescu and Victor Vrînceanu are moving on with their lives after their split. Andreea is enjoying motherhood for the second time and has shared her joy with her fans, while Victor is focusing on his work as a journalist and a father.