Un material în premieră | Adina Buzatu a analizat ținutele purtate de celebritățile prezente la Gala Premiilor Gopo! Cine a fost criticat pentru aspectul de pe covorul roșu: „O prezență feminină cu un aer provocator și negativ”.

Special stylist Adina Buzatu made an appearance at the Gopo Awards Gala held at the National Theatre in Bucharest on Tuesday evening. Although responsible for the outfits of many male celebrities, Adina Buzatu was asked by Ciao.ro to offer her expert opinion on the dresses and stunning appearances of the female stars at the traditional Gopo Gala. The results were applauded and it seems that year-on-year the celebrities try to impress by opting for elegant styles that enhance their figures.

Laura Cosoi and her TV star husband, Cosmin Curticăpean, were the subject of focus from Adina Buzatu. The famous stylist remarked that the couple perfectly matched in their attire. “One of the most beautiful and solid couples in showbiz, a fact clearly visible in their fashion choices. Elegant and discreet, but at the same time extremely refined. Laura wears an iconic Cristina Săvulescu dress that accentuates her impeccable silhouette and beautiful skin, complemented with jewel sandals. Cosmin chose a classic, impeccably cut black suit that fits him perfectly, and which he has worn multiple times on the red carpet. I applaud him for this and I am proud, not only because it features my signature but also because it is a sustainable choice that men should generally make if they want to maintain their physique,” Adina Buzatu remarked.

About Giulia Nahmany’s outfit, Adina Buzatu remarked, „Sexy and elegant in an evening dress in tune with the gala. Black flatters her skin and hair tone.” Which means that the beautiful actress did well at Gopo 2023.

Vicky Răileanu was praised by Adina Buzatu for her outfit. The famous stylist considered it flawless. „It’s not always a good idea to opt for red for red carpet events, but in this case, her appearance was flawless. Sexy without being vulgar, the dress with a deep neckline and train contrasts with the nonchalant appearance of the hair. Thus, it gives the impression of a natural and relaxed demeanor. The long earrings and clutch add preciousness without overloading the outfit,” Adina Buzatu said about the actress Victoria Răileanu.

Adina Buzatu had only words of praise for the beautiful Monica Bârlădeanu as well. “Monica Bârlădeanu, a stunning, sexy, and daring appearance. The black dress, whose slit reveals a well-defined leg, is accessorized simply and refined, and her hairstyle and make-up enhance her beauty,” Adina Buzatu said. So Monica Barladeanu carried out her fashion sense very well at the Gopo Awards Gala 2023.

Dana Rogoz also had a good appearance on the red carpet, wearing a red dress! „The flamboyant dress, the color and the design perfectly match the attitude and energy of the wearer, whose adolescent look attracted the admiration of those around her. Extremely inspired choice of fine sandals instead of shoes,” Adina Buzatu commented on Dana Rogoz’s appearance, who felt absolutely at the center of attention.

Jojo was extremely brave! This is what stylist Adina Buzatu understood. “I applaud the courage to wear an extravagant color that turned out to be a winner. She looked spectacular in her elegant mustard-yellow dress. It worked out perfectly on the red carpet and on stage, eliciting admiration from the audience. A big plus for attitude!” Adina further commented.

Regarding Paul Ipate, Adina Buzatu’s signature suit, the stylist provided some technical details. „I notice the natural shine of the merino wool fabric, which has an extremely high finesse, and the way it drapes. The vibrant color is not only in line with the partner’s choice but, more importantly, it flatters the skin tone, an extremely important aspect when choosing an outfit,” Adina Buzatu added.

Finally, about the stylist Adina Buzatu, who spoke well only about this year’s Gopo Awards Gala outfits, she was fantastic, opting for an all-black outfit that highlighted her waistline and fit, paying great attention to the details and accessories that she perfectly matched to the outfit she created herself.